Consumer Goods


One of the worldwide leaders in electronics wanted to identify if there is an integrity breach by any of its employees to sell products below the set MRP to have an edge over the competition. At the same time monitor if products were displayed and available in the pre-defined formats at their stores and if the sales staff has proper knowledge about products and are sharing the correct specifications and knowledge with customers.


RedQuanta designed surveys for checking price breaches at around 1200 of their outlets, where sour respondents were asked to probe for maximum discount possible with the highest level of negotiation. They were also asked to check display, availability of products and staff knowledge on certain specified products. All surveys were conducted within 15 days.

  • Reduction in breaching MOP limit by 35%
  • Real time information lead to quick TAT for the company to take actions against the defaulters
  • Defaulters were found out and replaced/re-trained
  • Product display at stores improved by 16%
  • Useful alerts against competitive players were shared
  • Increased recommendation of Own products over Competition products by 20%

Case Studies

17% sales growth in LFR channel for personal grooming brand

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Increase in sales by aligning VM spends to consumer/retailer behaviour

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Better control on market operating price and increase in sales for FMCD brand

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Improved existing SOPs in correlation with CSAT, and the adherence level shot up to 90%

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