Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a tool used to generate insights and improve customer experience. The purpose of mystery shopping helps our client to evaluate the entire customer experience from customer's perspective and product quality to offerings and environment. Mystery shopping mostly involves fun assignments but intelligence gathered through it is extremely critical for brands.

What will I be expected to do as a Mystery Shopper?

As a Mystery Shopper you will be expected to hide your identity and to act as a mystery customer. You will evaluate stores on certain parameters such as customer experience, product quality, ambience etc. at various outlets. You will be then required to submit your feedback online in the form of reports.

Can I pursue mystery shopping as my full time job?

Mystery shopping can be considered as a side interest than a job. You will not be our full time employee. However the commitment required on the shopper's behalf is crucial. For instance, few shoppers prefer to work a few hours every few months while many others prefer completing missions depending on what is available in their area.

Is registration with Redquanta free?

Yes, it is absolutely free to register with our company. We do not charge you any fees to sign up with our company. Please beware of any scams that you might encounter. We do not charge any fees at any point of time.

Do I need to have any specific qualifications to become a mystery shopper?

RedQuanta does not need you to have professional degrees. If you do have experience in mystery shopping, it will give you preference over the others. You must have an inclination towards service quality and we expect you to be well versed with the guidelines shared by RedQuanta while performing these missions.

How do I know what to do for an assignment?

Follow the basic process: Accept mission, complete mission, submit mission & bills, get reimbursed, and repeat. When you take on missions, make sure to check the listed scenario; different scenarios will have different sets of guidelines.

How many assignments will I get?

Assignments are based on the client needs or requirements. This would also depend on your scores and past performances. Auditors who perform audits diligently would be given preference over the others.

How long would each evaluation take?

Missions vary in length of time depending on the type of mystery shop. This could range from a 5 minute phone call to assessing an automobile store for an hour.

How much time will be given to me to submit my assignments?

Reports are to be completed and submitted within 24 hours of completing the mission.

How is my mystery shop evaluated?

Each report goes through various levels of quality check. Our quality team ensures that all information submitted is true. Individual store report and detailed summary report are forwarded to the retail outlet head. Associates who have been evaluated may see your reports, so it is very important to be absolutely fair, honest, and objective while submitting a feedback.

What happens if I have to cancel a shop?

Simply reach out to your project manager for cancellation. We would appreciate if the cancellation is not last minute.

What Should I do If I do not understand how to perform an assigned mystery shop?

Go through the guidelines shared with you a couple of times. If you still have questions, contact your project manager at the earliest. We would appreciate if you do not rush at the last minute.

How much will I be paid? Do you pay per hour?

Payment varies for every project. Payment amount is dependent upon on a number of parameters such as the complexity of the assignment, difficulty and length of execution. For example, a quick 5 minute phone call will pay much less than an assignment that will require you to visit a location and perform a mission. Fee details are provided before you chose an assignment and you can always reach out to us if any details are unclear. There is no hourly pay. We pay per assignment only.

How will I be paid for my shops?

Payment to our evaluators is done via PayPal, internet payment service and/or Direct Credit. Please note that we do not issue checks. Payments notification will be sent to the e-mail address and/or mobile phone mentioned in your shopper profile.

What is MSPA?

MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) is the trade association representing the mystery shopping industry throughout North America. In MSPA, member mystery shopping companies unite as a common body for the purpose of strengthening the mystery shopping industry through combined efforts and actions. (See for more information).