A suggested scorecard for Promoters motivated them to impress customers and raise the NPS


A a high-end mobile phone brand wanted to assess the Promoter performance basis Customer interaction. The desired outcome of the exercise was to ensure that a seamless customer experience is provided by the Promoters

  • redquanta designed an ideal customer service journey map for a potential customer basis the Promoter L&D programme module.
  • Overall assessment of Promoter performance across 54 cities(metro/tier1&2) which includes both Large Format retail stores and Multi Brand Outlets.
  • Assessment categorized under 5 major areas - Promoter Proactiveness & Greeting, Spiel, Need Analysis, Knowledge and Closure
  • Provided actionable insights to the client on a monthly basis to address the issues
  • Promoter Scorecard prepared with identified areas of focused Training
  • Observed an ongoing month on month NPS score improvement with a target to achieve 90% SOP adherence level

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