Supervised Implementation: 100% supervised action planning for your frontline teams

Improve all areas of CX delivery—gradually and systematically

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Defining features of our implementation program
  • Periodically updated short-term goals for all frontline teams/each brand outlet
  • Regular trainings and workshops for all relevant personnel
  • Constant monitoring by our CX experts
  • Real time updates on implementation status—shared at different levels of abstractions with area heads, senior managers and C-suite executives
  • Involvement of all CX stakeholders

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the depth of our CX Implementation solutions

Improvement in lead conversion ratio by identifying process gaps and efficiency opportunities

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A suggested training program resulted into 13% increase in ticket size via up-selling

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A suggested scorecard for Promoters motivated them to impress customers and raise the NPS

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Reduced training budget and re-designed SOPs based on Attribute Analysis and CXM

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