Adjust your Business to the New Normal…

Create New Processes from Scratch

With a crowdsourced panel of over 200,000 real customers in 500+ cities around the world, we give you exactly the representative sample of your target industry’s consumers to conduct CX audits.

Partner with to design frontline SOPs that take a top-down view of safety.

SOP Design will come from:

  • Best practices in your industry
  • Cross-industry best practices
  • Existing operational setup of your business
Learn more about ’s consulting expertise to design COVID-19 SOPs that fit your business.

Proprietary Technology lets you Monitor the Frontline in Real Time

When a customer is not warmly greeted in a store, it’s a folly that demands corrective action.


When an employee is seen coughing on an object or accidentally slipping off their mask, it can cause a customer to panic, walk out and develop a distrust of your brand on the whole.

Worse still, it can cost you the trust of numerous other customers and can have both short and long-term impact of humungous proportions.

It demands INSTANT action.

’s self-audit app lets employees conduct audits and notifies all stakeholders in real time.

Learn more about our COVID-customized self-audit solution.

Our consumer panel of 100,000 caters to all demographics. Seek the one that fits your TG and have them evaluate your customer touch points for the new sanitation & distancing measures.

Customer Experience is best seen through the eyes of a real customer.

After your SOPs are frozen, the very crucial next step is to ensure adherence through experience evaluations.

Regular evaluations of all outlets is proven to bring about brand-wide consistency and also lets you have valuable customer inputs that can be used for further fine tuning of processes.

We train our evaluators on the specifics of each and every assignment. They know what to evaluate, what to focus on and what to expect/not expect from the staff.

Learn more about our experience evaluation programs.